Acting career

Play, 1997, City Theater, Tehran

Maryam-e-Moghaddas (Saint Mary)
Feature Film, 1999, Directed by Shahriar Bahrani, Played the role of Saint Mary

Yek Alef Naghabel ( A very negligible “A”)
Feature film, 2000, Directed by Mohammad Arab, Leading role

Jooje Ordak Man (My Duckling)
Feature film, 2001, Directed by Amir Feyzi, Leading role

Atash ( Thirst)
Feature film, 2001, Directed by Hosein Farah-Bakhsh, Supporting role

Safarnameye khaab (Sleep Travelogue)
Feature film, 2001, Directed by Roohollah Hejazi, Leading role in one of the three episodes

Ayehaye Zamini (Earthbound Verses)
Video film, 2001, Directed by Abbas Rafe’ee, Leading role

Abigineh (Glassware)
Short film, 2001, Directed by Dariush Yari, Leading role

Vae’de Didaar (The Date)
Feature film, 2003, Direcyed by Jamaal Shoorjeh, female Leading role

Avalin Shab Araamesh (The first Night of Calmness)
TV series, 2005, Directed by Ahmad Amini, Female Leading role

Maa Chand Nafar (We the Few People)
TV series, 2006, Directed by Fayaaz Musavi, Female Leading role

Saalhaaye Barf va Banafshe (The Years of Snow and Pansy)
TV series, 2006-2007, Directed by Saeed Soltaani, female Leading role

Setare Soheil (Soheil Star)
Feature film, 2007, Directed by Amir Ghavi-Del, Female Leading role

Bekhater Khaharam (For My Sister)
Feature film, 2007, Directed by Hojat Siefi, Female Leading role

Nardebani Be Aseman(The Ladder to Sky)
TV series,2008-2009, Directed by Hussein Latifi, Female leading role

Khatereh (The Memory)
Feature film, 2009, Directed by Nader Tarighat, Female leading role

Khorshid Panjom (The Fifth Sun)
TV series, 2009, Directed by Alireza Afkhami, Female leading role

Play, 2010, Directed by: Rahmat Amini

Feature film, 2010, Directed by: Bahram Bahramiyan, Leading Role

Bacheye Tehran (Tehran’s Kid)
Feature film, 2010, Directed by: Kamboziya Partovi, Leading Role

Panj Kilometers Taa Behesht (Five Kilometers To Paradise)
TV series, 2011, Directed by Alireza Afkhami, Leading role

Shoore Shirin (Sweet Excitement)
Feature film, 2010, Directed by: Jawad Ardakani, Leading Role

Sarzamin Kohaan (Land Of Mountains)
TV series, 2011, Directed by Kamal Tabrizi, Female leading role

Faal Ghahve (Reading of Coffee Cup)
TV film, 2011, Directed by Farzad Motmaen, Female leading role

Farzand Khande (Stepchild)
Feature film, 2011, Directed by: Vahid Nick-khah Azar, Leading Role

Bozrgmard Koochak (The Little Big Guy)
Feature Film, 2011, Directed by Sadegh Marzbaan, Leading female role

Panjshanbe Akhar Maah (The Last Thursday OF The Month)
Feature film, 2012, Directed by: Ali Shah Moradi, Leading Role