Shabnam Gholikhany was born in 1977 in Tehran. She started her career as an actress in 1997 by acting in a play (Atigone) and directed her first short film, Reality Of A Street Seller, in 2004.

She has written and directed several short films so far including some documentary and some feature films. Since 2004 she was a member of faculty in Tehran Azad University, teaching principle of acting and drama. She also was teaching Acting to children in a cultural institute‎ for several years.

She has Master of Art in Dramatic Art (Theater Directing) from Azad University, Tehran, Iran in 2003 ‎and got her Bachelor of Art in Dramatic Arts (stage design) from Azad ‎University, Tehran, Iran in 2000.‎

. Awards and Achievements
‎          ‎                             
Certificate of Achievement from the 2nd Canada’s Iranian Film Festival, ‎September 2010‎
Certificate of Achievement from the 1st Iranian Consumption ‎Optimization Film Festival, November 2010‎
Iranian Student Film Festival Jury Appreciation for the production of the ‎short film “Lonely Me”, April 2006 ‎
The Best Actress’s award, Golden Platform (a festival in Russia), 2005 ‎
The “Best Actress”, Jame-Jam TV Network Audiences’ Choice Award, ‎January 2004‎
Acknowledgment Sheet for playing of role of “Saint Mary”, Awarded by ‎CEO of IRIB (Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting) , 2004‎
The “Prominent Actress” Acknowledgment Sheet for playing of role of ‎‎“Saint Mary”, Jame-Jam World Network, 2003‎
The Acknowledgment Board of the Artists’ Islamic Association for  ‎playing the role of “Saint Mary”, 2001‎